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Mapepeza is a local multilingual community newspaper and online news website distributed to readers living in townships and rural areas across Gauteng and Mpumalanga municipalities. At Mapepeza, we believe that everyone deserves access to accurate and unbiased news, regardless of their location or background.

First published on September 2013, Mapepeza Community Newspaper has grown to become a household name in local news, views and opinion for people all over the highveld regions of South Africa (Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces).

Engaging, Educating and Empowering the communities of the South Africa through media content and platforms.


Mapepeza strives to be a trusted national voice for the communities we serve, delivering authentic local and national news across our platforms. Guided by the Media Development and Diversity Act 2002 (MDDA Act), we champion media ownership and accessibility for historically disadvantaged communities, preserving indigenous languages and cultures.


To be the leading community newspaper and online news platform in South Africa, recognized for our dedication to authenticity, inclusivity, and community engagement. We envision a future where every story is heard, and every community feels represented and empowered.

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Mapepeza Mapepeza  Mapepeza  Newspaper

Established in Heidelberg south of Gauteng (now moved to Johannesburg), the newspaper distributed every second Friday in townships and urban areas.

Mapepeza is regarded as an independent community newspaper which is a mouthpiece for the communities it serves with news and information. isiZulu, English and Sesotho are the principal languages used in the publication, which are the indigenous languages spoken in the communities.

Content is also published to reach a wider, younger audience that demands local content on both online and social media platforms.

  • Language: English/isiZulu/Sesotho
  • Free/Sold: Free
  • Frequency:(Monthly)
  • Distribution: 10,000 copies monthly (Divided Bi-Weekly)
  • Circulation areas: Sedibeng District (Heidelberg, Devon, Vereeniging, Midvaal and Balfour) and City of Ekurhuleni (Nigel, Springs, Vosloorus, Alberton, Duduza, Thokoza and Germiston)


Get archived copies of Mapepeza Newspaper, dating as far as 2015, free to read, on our Issuu page. Click on the ‘Read us on Issuu’ icon. You can also share your favorite copies on any social media website and via email.

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Mapepeza Mapepeza  Mapepeza  Online

Today, as never before, people are in a hurry.

The entire technological revolution involving the Internet has a single focus: it is to increase the speed and reliability at which vital information is transmitted between and among interested parties. offers a Faster, Cheaper and Easier way of providing and sharing the vital local news, notices and happenings that impact our communities.

Readers can quickly find information, read and write stories, share opinions and comment on a variety of subjects – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

We share the latest news and interesting information, from local government news to community sports updates and a lot more original content.

OUR PRESS CODE: Mapepeza Community Newspaper strives to hold these rights in trust for the country’s citizens; and it is subject to the same rights and duties as the individual. Everyone has the duty to defend and further these rights, in recognition of the struggles that created them: the media, the public and government who all make up a democratic state. Our work is guided at all times by the public interest, understood to describe information of legitimate interest or importance to citizens. Read more about

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