Meet the Sedibeng Sport Confederation

Sedibeng Sports Confederation members

The newly inducted members of the executive committee of the Sedibeng Sports Confederation have been unveiled. This organization is rebranded and renewed from the former Sedibeng Sports Council.

The Sedibeng Sports Confederation is a multi-coded structure made to unite all sporting codes in the Sedibeng District. The confederation is a regional division of the Gauteng Sports Confederation, with members chosen from the local sports administrators and federations.

Chairperson of the confederation, Thabo ‘Disco’ Phadime said the organization is made to revive all sporting codes in the district. “We want to produce future role-models in our region, that’s the main thing. It’s also because we have so much talent in this area, Sedibeng is the home of champs,” he said.

The confederation plans to cover all three municipalities in Sedibeng. For this year, their objective is to ensure all local sports organizations and federations affiliate into the structure. “We also want to assist in their development,” said the first president Marie Annadale.

“Our vision is to become the best sports confederation in South Africa, and give back to the other federations that need development,” confirmed the second president.

The Sedibeng Sports Confederation can be contacted via email to the secretary on The appreciate any communication, sports information, competitions, trails etc.

This organisation is the official regional mother-body for all sporting fraternities in Sedibeng. This structure is meant to affiliate all local sports into one body.

The Sedibeng Sports Confederation Executive Management team:

President: Thabo Disco Phadime

1st Vice President: Marie Annandale

2nd Vice President: Stefan Brown

Treasurer: Ben de Wet

Secretary: Martie Bezuidenhout

Additional members: Stephan Steenekamp, Bill Barnard, Andile Valashiya, Jabu Mosia.






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